artist statement:

nature’s ever-changing, limitless forms and colors inspire me to let my fantasies take over in which i allow the world to become a peaceful, harmonious and colorful place.  these fantasies are reflected in my paintings to convey positive energy and spiritual freedom.  colors and rhythmic shapes become the theme.  each shape, regardless of its position or size on the canvas, has an enormous, disproportionate influence on the whole, thus becoming a metaphor for the ultimate realities of a metaphysical world.

my process:

i do not pre-plan my paintings and, therefore, do not use any drawings prior to applying paint.  i start each painting with one color and let the color decide the shape it will take.  each additional shape and color is decided by what is already on the canvas.  as the painting progresses, this process becomes more complicated as the number of variables increase.  a painting is finished when any addition would upset the achieved harmony and balance.



in the studio